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The earthquake reality discussed in detail

Denizli Municipality has organized an exhibition on the theme of 'Natural Disasters in Denizli'. 50 archival documents related to earthquake and floods that occurred Denizli in the past were exhibited at Turan Bahadır Exhibition Room. Meanwhile, meeting on the earthquake was held.
Mayor Osman Zolan; Aytaç Turgut, Şamil Çınar, Mahmud Güngör, Mustafa Gökoğlan, Nilgün Ök deputy mayors, Assoc. Dr. Ali Aydın Head of the Department of Geophysical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of PAU, Halil Ceylan President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, many members of protocol, academics and guests attended the opening ceremony of exhibition.
Mayor Zolan in his opening speech stated that Denizli is in a first-degree earthquake zone and we should raise awareness against these disasters.
Meeting on Location Building Earthquake Interaction in Urban areas, organized by Chambers of Geophysics and Civil Engineer and supported by municipality, governorship and university was held at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room. The meeting was chaired by Professor Dr. Prof. Dr. Hulusi Kargı faculty member of PAU. Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan faculty member of Istanbul Technical University, Prof. Dr. Semih Tezcan Boğaziçi University, Ali Aydın Chairman of the Provincial Chamber of Geological Engineers, Halim Ceylan Chairman of the Provincial Chamber of Civil Engineers made a speech.
Osman Zolan also delivered a speech at the meeting. ‘Earthquake is a reality. If you can not change this fact, you should plan your life on this reality. We should remember that Denizli is situated on a first degree seismic zone. The consciousness of earthquake began to form in Denizli. İllegal buildings are demolished from the first days of our services. Of course very hard to destroy buildings, built with hard work and expense. But these buildings are dangerous to human life, because during an earthquake, they will break down and become a cause of death. For this reason we started urban renewal studies.
Prof. Dr. Sebahattin Nas vice- chancellor of Pamukkale University stated that earthquake has negative impact on daily life. An earthquake is the most troubling and unexpected natural disaster for people. Denizli is situated on a first degree seismic zone. Therefore, we should take the necessary measures and public should be conscious in this area.
The major earthquake occurred in Denizli in 1717 with a loss of 6000 lives.
Meanwhile, academics participated in exhibition and meeting, also visited Mayor Osman Zolan in his office.

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