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Opening of Turkish-Chinese Friendship Exhibition

Denizli Municipality opens Chinese Gueco exhibition because of the 'Year of Chinese Culture in Turkey'.
Mayor Osman Zolan, Güldal Akşit Former Minister of Women and Family Affairs and President of AK Party Women's Branch, Nurcan Dalbudak Member of Parliament, Hua Yu Undersecretary Ambassador of People's Republic of China in Ankara, Wu Jian Jing President of China Gueco Culture Association and many guests from China and Turkey attended the exhibition, hosted by Denizli Municipality at Turan Bahadır Exhibition Room.
Mayor Zolan expressed his pleasure for hosting the exhibition. Denizli today is very beautiful and colorful. Holding an exhibition in our city is very important to us. I would like to thank everyone, who supported us in organization of the exhibition in Denizli. There are many civilizations and many colors in the world. The most important thing is to put together these colors side by side and to increase the richness and beauty. These colors are colors that will bring the spring in world. Each culture should preserve its values and should transfer to the future generations without their destroying.'
Güldal Akşit pointed out the importance of exhibition. 'This exhibition has a special importance in terms of Denizli. It was opened in Malatya and Ankara before. We also wanted to open exhibition in our city. Our goal is to introduce our country to guests. Throughout the history, Turkish and Chinese people have always been together. There are a few countries that have such a long-standing history as Turkey and China. So China and Turkey are important in this regard. For this reason, togetherness and sharing of our cultures is very important.'
Nurcan Dalbudak stated that Turkey and China will add many colors to each other and under this Denizli will do one's best for this collaboration.
Hua Yu: 'Friendship and good relations between peoples is very important for relations between countries. Turkish-Chinese Friendship and Culture Association was established in 1988 and since that days, many efforts has been spent for this friendship. Peoples began to get to know each other better. This exhibition is very important in terms of this friendship. I would like to thank Mayor Zolan for this organization.'
Wu Jian Jing: 'We were greeted warmly by Denizli citizens. We thank Turkish and Denizli people for friendly feelings. We also have seen Chinese shopping centers in Denizli. Thanks to everyone who contributed to organization of this exhibition.'
Many art works of Chinese Culture are exhibited in Turan Bahadır Exhibition Room, which will be opened until 17 November 2012.

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