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The 9th Pedestrian Over Crossing Bridge

In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians Denizli Municipality is continuing the construction of Pedestrian Over Crossing Bridges. In this context, a bridge is being built on Örnek Street.
Construction works controlled by Civil Services Department. This bridge will provide the safety of pedestrians within the location between State Hospital and Muratdede district. Bridge will be opened for the use of pedestrians in mid-June.
Mahmud Güngör deputy mayor stated that Denizli Municipality constructed 8 Over Crossing Bridge in the city and the 9th bridge will be completed in a short time. The length of the ramp is 155 meters, the width is 3.30 meters, the height is 5.50 meters and the platform will be 35 meters-long. The total cost of construction for bridge is 570 thousand TL.
Mahmud Güngör gave good news about another 2 over crossing bridge constructions. The 10th bridge will be built between houses of Umutkent 2 and Umutkent 3 and another on 29 Ekim Boulevard.

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