Will save lives

Denizli Municipality, to secure the passing of pedestrians across the inter-city roads will continue the construction of the 10th Yunus Emre Pass Pedestrian Over Crossing Bridge. Due to traffic density in the morning Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan followed the works to bridge during the day.
Denizli Municipality, in productions at the time of intercity highways, at the bridge junction where there are needed continue the construction of pedestrian crossing bridges. In this context, Denizli, Antalya and Muğla on the highways that connects these cities, Municipality of Denizli continues the construction of 10th Yunus Emre Pedestrian over crossing bridge. This bridge will make this route safer for pedestrians as well as for auto traffic.
The installation of the over crossing bridge from Yunus Emre Neighborhood was made by night taking in consideration the density of traffic by day. A result of few days of ongoing work the feet were completed in the upper portion of the passageway, a single-piece body of 80-ton with the help of cranes made to sit in place a result of meticulous work. The installation work that was starting in the midnight and completed in the morning was followed by Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan.
The assembly held on by a team of about 40 people, and makes you feel the difference with its appearance, watching the work of the over crossing bridge installation Mayor Zolan, ''In order to provide a safer access to our roads we give a different importance to over crossing bridge projects. These bridges, will continue to be made until the need will be met, until the goal will be reached. As is known in this region, crossing across the roads is an annoyance experienced. This trouble will disappear soon. Very soon, Denizli will be sample city with it's roads, streets and pedestrian over crossing bridges. I'm celebrating our Denizli from now to get the best from this project, ''he said.
Mayor Zolan voicing that human life is more important than anything and pointing out that due to Denizli's over crossing bridges, personal injury and fatal accidents decreased to minimum he said: ''We have reached the end point of the arrival of a new service in the beauty of a new Denizli. The Yunus Emre Over Crossing Bridge is the 10th pedestrian over crossing bridge in Denizli. Of course, this bridge is a special feature with its long platform. The 65 meters in one piece without a leg was made to ensure a safety traffic. We did again our service for Denizli by day and night. We have already passed midnight hours. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. We will continue to provide services for our Denizli which deserves. Today, this is one of the services we realized. We are happy to do good things in this auspicious days. "
Mayor Zolan, stating that they will continue to construct pedestrian over crossing bridges in the areas that need it, ''As long as you need, we'll continue to construct over crossing bridges. Of course, there are over crossing bridges that we planed. The traffic was intensified and in this situation our children and eldest people are in the risk group. We have planned over crossing bridges. One of them is Akhan. We have to compensate our lost years. In 2004 when we came in charge there was no over passing bridge in the city. There was not a single bridge junction. Unfortunately, input output entrance and exit of the city was the worst in Denizli. Neighboring provinces envied the situation. Login downs now in very nice condition. Today all provinces in Turkey envies us, "he said.
Yunus Emre Pedestrian Over Crossing Bridge, the first suspension bridge in Denizli, will be 65 m long. The platform width of 4 meters and the belt height of 15 m. To construct the bridge there were used 200 tons of steel.

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