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A new Pedestrian Overcrossing Bridge in Akhan

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's traditional iftar dinner took place this time in Akhan neighborhood. Participating in the iftar dinner, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Osman Zolan gave the good news of the pedestrian overcrossing bridge in Akhan neighborhood.

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan met with Akhan Neighborhood residents at the traditional iftar dinner. Participating in the İftar dinner held in the Akhan Sheltered Marketplace together with his wife, Berrin Zolan, Mayor Zolan greeted and celebrated the citizens for the holy month of Ramadan. Answering the questions of journalists after the Iftar dinner, Mayor Zolan said: ''All our work here continues quickly. Our last investment made in this neighborhood was the natural gas. This project is still going on on some streets. Hopefully, we will finish this year. ''

The auction was done

Stating that İftar passed very beautiful, Mayor Zolan thanked the residents of Akhan neighborhood for their interest. Telling that Ankara highway divides the neighborhood into two, and this fact may create difficulties in transportation, Mayor Zolan gave the good news of a pedestrian overcrossing bridge in Akhan. Mayor Zolan said: ''We have already held the tender for this pedestrian overcrossing bridge. I hope this new overcrossing bridge will make the citizens transportation safer. Also, we will make an intersection point near Ada Çorap Factory where the drivers to may return before the Sevindik Junction. We want to have here a safer traffic for both drivers and pedestrians. ''


"We will continue our Ramadan meetings"


Stating that as long as they will be in office, the Ramadan meetings will continue, Mayor Zolan said: ''Ramadan lasts 29 days. Unfortunately all these 29 days we can not be everywhere. But near most of the mosques, all over the city are given different refreshments to citizens who come to congratulate here the Ramadan. ''




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