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Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau turned white 23.12.2019
With the snowfall in the early morning in Denizli, Denizli Cable Car and Bagbasi Plateau, which is at 1500 altitude turned white. Bağbaşı Plateau, which took the first snow of the season, enchanted with its white cover.
Denizli took the colours of the rainbow 25.04.2017
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, who always arranges the parks, squares, intersections and roadsides with tulips and seasonal flowers, has covered the city with the colours of the rainbow this year.
The Cable car surprise for teachers from Metropolitan 23.11.2016
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality took the surprise decision to make the Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which is one of the city's greatest privileges in alternative tourism, free of charges for all teachers on the occasion of November 24 Teacher's Day.
Cable Car is the address for adventure and fun 14.11.2016
Bağbaşı Plateau and Cable Car is a project implemented to enrich more the social life of Denizli citizens and to provide them an environment where to spend time in nature. The adventure track with climbing and jumping tower established on the Bağbaşı Plateau near the Cable Car becomes a frequent destination for Denizli people who want to spend a different day in nature.
Great investment of Metropolitan in the urban forests 26.10.2016
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues with high speed the work on seven urban forests under the 121 Giant Project, including the Çamlık Picnic area located in Çal District. 60 percent of the project has been already completed.
Bağbaşı Plateau in spring season 27.06.2016
The Bağbaşı Plateau opened last year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is living the most crowded time of the year. Because of the extreme heat during the month of Ramadan, Denizli citizens prefer to open their fasts in the cool forest in the Bağbaşı Plateau.
Record investment in green areas from Metropolitan 29.04.2016
In one year 6 urban forest, 80 parks, and picnic areas will be made in Denizli. Surpassing many cities in Europe with the investments made in the field of parks and green areas, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will make in Denizli 6 urban forests and 80 parks, and recreation areas included in the 2016-2017 Action Plan.
3,000 saplings more have been planted 25.03.2016
Within the scope of planting 130,000 samplings in Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality planted last Monday 16,000 saplings in Karakurt Neighborhood and today, in collaboration with Sarayköy Municipality and Regional Directorate of Forestry planted 3,000 stone pine trees in Acısu Neighborhood of Sarayköy District.
Record: 8 thousand 348 visitors 01.02.2016
Implemented by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality as an alternative tourism center of the city, Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau broke the records on Sunday. 8 thousand 348 people visited Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau until January 31, 2016.
Serinhisar Park and Square come into service 15.10.2015
Serinhisar Park and Square project, whose foundation was laid at the end of last May in Serinhisar District of Denizli, has been completed. Coming in the park to examine the final touches, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan broke the news of the park opening in 3-4 days.
The road to the white haven will be decorated with palm trees 21.08.2015
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will decorate the road to the white paradise Pamukkale which welcomes hundred of tourists everyday from all around the world with palm trees. Following the study conducted by the Metropolitan a total of 560 palm trees will be planted on the approximately 9.5 kilometers road.
Serinhisar Park and Square Project continues 29.06.2015
The construction work of a park and square arrangements in Serinhisar District began by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues at full speed. With children's play areas, sitting groups, amphitheater and parking places, the park and square arrangements project will change the face of Serinhisar District.
The flowers bloom all year long in Denizli 24.12.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department continues to plant flowers during the winter season. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will plant this winter over 2 million flowers.
A New Living Space More in Denizli 17.03.2014
After construction was completed in a short time of 1 year, Sevindik Valley Park, was opened by Denizli Municipality with ceremony.
Cumhuriyet Park Was Opened 24.09.2013
Denizli Municipality continues to implement new parks projects. In the same time, municipality restores parks, which carry the tiredness of years. Cumuriyet Park was regenerated by Denizli Municipality and was opened to the use of citizens.
Atatürk Park, welcomes its guests with a new look 23.09.2013
Denizli Municipality rearranged and renewed Atatürk Park in the hart of the city.
Servergazi Park Is Opening for Denizli's People 22.09.2013
Denizli Municipality realized one of the most beautiful parks in the city in the unique area full of natural beauty of Servergazi. The official opening of the park will be held on 28 of September, 2013 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Flowers bloom in Denizli 18.01.2013
Denizli Municipality planted in winter 380 thousands of flowers (50 thousands of them are the tulips) in city parks and roadsides.
Cumhuriyet Park welcomes its guests 03.12.2012
Cumuriyet Park was regenerated by Denizli Municipality and was opened to the use of citizens.
New regeneration of Servergazi Park 30.07.2012
Denizli Municipality begins the reconstruction of Servergazi Park, which will be among the most beautiful parks in Denizli.
Construction of AK Valley Project Continues 20.07.2012
Denizli Municipality in collaboration with Housing Development Administration of Turkey continues the construction of AK Valley project, which will be one of the largest parks in Aegean region.
Sevindik Valley Park Project from Denizli Municipality 16.07.2012
Denizli Municipality will put out a tender for the Sevindik Valley Park Project. Park will be built in Sevindik District on 92 thousand square meters area.
Construction of AK Valley Project Started 20.04.2012
Denizli Municipality in collaboration with Housing Development Administration of Turkey began the realization of AK Vadi project, which will be one of the largest parks in Aegean region.
A New Park in Gümüşler District 03.04.2012
Denizli Municipality completed construction of the second park for residents of Gümüşler district.
Municipality's gift to Denizli 03.10.2011
Denizli Municipality put into service for citizens 2 jogging and bycicle paths.
Big Project from Denizli Municipality 27.07.2011
Denizli Municipality has gained to city such big projects as urban planning, construction of parks, pedestrian over crossing bridges, bridge intersections. Now our municipality will start construction of park, which will be the first in Turkey.
Hüseyn İnanç Park 24.02.2011
Hüseyin İnanç Park continues to host guests since it opened. Citizens show great interest in the park who want to rest, sport and especially children.
Landscaping Studies in Bicycle and Jogging Path 24.02.2011
Park is a place where people spend time sporting. In addition to bicycle and jogging paths there are fitness area, benches and green space areas.
Bağbaşı Park 23.12.2010
Denizli Municipality has built new park in Bağbaşı district in order to meet green space needs of the residents.
Eskihisar Park 07.12.2010
The Park was established in Eskihisar by Denizli Municipality on 50 thousand square meters area. Eskihisar Park was opened to the use of citizens.
Hasan Gönüllü Park 20.09.2010
Denizli Municipality built the first underground 3-storey parking garage and kinder garden facility in the location of the former prison in the city.
Pamukkale Tube Tunnel landscaping studies 17.09.2010
Pamukkale Tube Tunnel which is the one of the 77 Great Projects resembles a paradise.
125 New Park 22.03.2010
In order to make our city greener and healthier Denizli Municipality has created 125 large and small parks. Also old parks were regenerated by our Municipality.
Adalet Park 08.02.2010
Denizli Municipality has completed construction of the Adalet Park. The park has the skateboard track, golf course, amphitheater, jogging and walking paths and waterfalls.
New arrangement in Muratdede Park 07.10.2009
Muradede Park was regenerated by Denizli Municipality and was opened for the citizens to use.
Mullah Creek 30.04.2009
Landscaping studies of Mullah Creek were implemented by Parks and Gardens and Civil Services Departments.
The Construction of 17 Monuments of Founders of the Turkish State at İncilipınar Park 22.02.2008
In order of remembrance to Turkish heroes within our great history, Parks and Gardens Department of Denizli Municipality constructed 17 Monuments of Great Founders of Turkish State whom symbolize Turkish History.
Yunus Emre Grove 28.01.2008
Yunus Emre Grove is one of the largest groves in Denizli. There are green areas, basketball and volleyball courts and sport facilities.
Park for Disabled Children 06.11.2007
Denizli Municipality has opened for the use of disabled children a park at Barbaros District. The park has play groups, which were designed specifically for disabled children. Also normal children can use the park.
Arrangement of Demokrasi Park 06.08.2007
Parks and Gardens Department of Denizli Municipality continues restoration and landscaping studies in Demokrasi Park. The total area of the park is 3.500 square meters.
Çamlık Park 12.02.2007
Çamlık Park was regenerated by Denizli Municipality and was opened to the use of citizens. There are 3 ponds, walking paths, jogging areas, play groups, picnic areas.
İncilipınar Park 12.02.2007
İncilipınar Park which was in the past abandoned to fate. Today the park was completed on 174 m2 and it has 1 major pond and 3 small ponds, jogging area, children’s play area and quite areas.
Sümerpark Grove 12.02.2007
It has 57.000 m2 area and natural ponds which has 1750 m2 . Moreover sport facilities, picnic areas, children’s play gardens and small zoo are located in this park. The wall was constructed outside of grove for 4 months, and path way was built.
Fatma Yıldız and İnançbey Parks 12.02.2007
Fatma Yıldız and İnançbey Parks become important point for people who live in that region. These parks have bike path and jogging area which are 2,5 km length, children’s play areas, sport areas.
Tabakhane and Bağırsak Streams Improvement Studies 12.02.2007
For many years Tabakhane and Bağırsak Streams have threatened the health of people and Denizli Municipality have overcome this problem by laying pipelines and covering them. Park and children ground will be created on this area.

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