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Pamukkale Tube Tunnel landscaping studies

Pamukkale Tube Tunnel which is the one of the 77 Great Projects resembles a paradise.
This tube tunnel resembles a corner of paradise with its 80 acres of green space, pedestrian refuge, germination and landscaping. With these studies all entrance and exit areas of Denizli returned to green space areas. Pedestrian refuge planted with grass and flowers, but in other areas flowers of different colors and trees were planted. The Pamukkale tube tunnel constructed on the Denizli-Ankara highway and ensures the safety of the urban and intercity highway traffic flow. This project has a special importance, because it is a prestige project.
Pamukkale tube tunnel is the second tube tunnel in Denizli after Kayhan Tube Tunnel. The width is 7 meters, height 5.5 meters and the length is 255 meters. The covered area of the tunnel is 12 meters in length.

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