Eskihisar Park

The Park was established in Eskihisar by Denizli Municipality on 50 thousand square meters area. Eskihisar Park was opened to the use of citizens.
Denizli Municipality continues to implement 77 Giant Projects one by one. Landscaping studies on this area were made by Parks and Gardens Department. Eskihisar park has 850-meter long walking and jogging path, 1 WC, 1 fitness group, the synthetıc tobogganıng tracks, ornamental pools, waterfalls, cafeteria, buffets and figures of the heroes of fairy tales (The Smurfs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dinosaur and Dog Slides), picnic areas, an artificial stream, fountains and pergola.
One of the few synthetic toboggan tracks found in the world is a first for Turkey and can now be found in Denizli after Finland.
Synthetic toboggan tracks are 110 meters long and have an artificial curve.

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