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New regeneration of Servergazi Park

Denizli Municipality begins the reconstruction of Servergazi Park, which will be among the most beautiful parks in Denizli.
Municipality continues to implement projects such as a new parks, gardens, landscaping, playgrounds, valleyball and basketball courts, active and passive recreation areas. The next project is reconstruction of Servergazi Park.
Servergazi will have new ponds, paving, walking paths laid with natural stone, jogging paths, new fountains, benches, children's wooden playgrounds, jogging track, natural recreational areas, picnic areas, parking, wood buffet, restaurant, pergolas and picnic areas. Infrastructure studies in this area has been completed. Excavation and concrete works of fountains and ponds also completed. Superstructure studies such as roads and landscaping continues in full swing. The regeneration of park will be completed after 2 months.
Servergazi Tomb also located within the Servergazi Park area.

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