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Flowers bloom in Denizli

Denizli Municipality planted in winter 380 thousands of flowers (50 thousands of them are the tulips) in city parks and roadsides.
380 thousands of flowers, planted in winter decorate all parks, gardens, and crossroads, square and roadsides. Thus, thousands of flowers have turned Denizli into a flower garden.
Parks and Gardens Department gives priority of to the planting of flowers before the spring season.
Seasonal flowers began to decorate the parks, gardens, intersections, square and roadsides. Parks and Gardens Department planted such seasonal flowers as 160 thousand pansy, 40 thousand cabbage flower, 20 thousand primrose, 20 thousand wallflower, 20 thousand orange daffodil, 60 thousand daisy, 10 thousand hyacinth and 50 thousand tulips. Thus, thousands of flowers with all colors of the rainbow turned Denizli into a paradise city. Lale Gönüllü Director of Parks and Gardens Department said that summer flowers planting will be implemented in May.
Since 2004, Denizli Municipality has increased the amount of green space. With the creation of such large parks as İncilipınar, Sümer, Yunus Emre, Çamlık, Adalet Parks, the amount of green area per capita in Turkey are 10 square meters area. The ongoing construction of Sevindik and Ak valleys will increase even more this rate.

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