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Atatürk Park, welcomes its guests with a new look

Denizli Municipality rearranged and renewed Atatürk Park in the hart of the city.
Denizli Municipality continues to change the vision of the city with its projects. On the one hand projects in the valley, on the other hand the construction of new parks, Denizli Municipality continues also its projects of rearranging the old parks in the city. Denizli Municipality is appreciated for its efforts to make Denizli a more beautiful city. Situated in the city center, Atatürk Park started to welcome its guests with a new look. The common spaces were extended. Hundreds of benches and seats were placed. Green spaces are covering the park. For children play groups were placed in a separate space. In the park there was make a cafe that belongs to the municipality.
Everyone will love it
Voicing that Atatürk Park reflects the changing of the city center, Mayor Zolan, ''The changes realized in the recent years in the city center is being appreciated by everyone. Due to the upper construction work we changed the look of the city. With the sidewalks, roads, lighting, street furniture realized especially in Gazi Boulevard and Çınar Square Denizli is now an aesthetic appearance. Situated in the center of the city, Atatürk Park was also renewed to suit the aesthetics of the city. This park is the oldest in Denizli. We have many beautiful and meaningful memories related to this park because before times this was the only park in the city. Now there are everywhere parks and green spaces. Change, as it is known continue in Denizli. İn the first year we have made 132 new parks covering an area of 382 thousand square meters. On the other hand, we are implementing projects in the valley. Our goal is to grow up our children in a healthy environment by doing sports and having fun in green spaces. Everyone loved the new look of the Atatürk Park. Our aim was to make here a place where people to come to relax, to eliminate the daily stress. I'm celebrating our Denizli, ''he said.

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