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Servergazi Park Is Opening for Denizli's People

Denizli Municipality realized one of the most beautiful parks in the city in the unique area full of natural beauty of Servergazi. The official opening of the park will be held on 28 of September, 2013 by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Denizli Municipality continues to implement other successful projects in order to make Denizli one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. With the aim of enhancing the social life of Denizli's citizens and in order to increase the quality of life in Denizli, Denizli Municipality realized one of the most beautiful parks in the city in the Servergazi picnic area which is one of the city's major natural beauty.
Stating that the parks and green spaces in the city were made in order to create places where Denizli's people to spend good times Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''As Denizli Municipality are proud of giving our city a new park. Everyone should come in Servergazi Park and see the beauty of this place, ''he said.
''The official opening of the park will be made by the Prime Minister''
Specifying the official opening of the park will be made by Prime Minister, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Since 2004 we have progressed in services provided to citizens and we are proud that we have achieved important projects for our city. Following the implemented projects Denizli became an example not only in the Aegean Region but all over Turkey. The opening of Servergazi Park made by Prime Minister makes us extremely proud and happy. I hope these works will go on in future, too, ''he said.
''We surpassed Europe in the number of parks and green spaces''
Stating that we left behind many cities in Europe in the number of green spaces and parks, Mayor Zolan, '' Once upon a time a city without many parks and green spaces, in the last 9 years Denizli made an incredible progress. Prior to 2004 in Denizli there were 2 square meters of green space per person while today there are 10 square meters. This amount left behind many countries from Europe. We have made for our citizens Çamlık Park, İncilipınar Park, Adalet Park, Sümer Park, Bağbaşı Park and Eskihisar Park and we are continuing with great speed the projects Akvadi Park and Sevindik Vadi Park, ''he said.
''We provide equal services in every point of the city''
Expressing that Denizli Municipality in providing equal services all over the city, Mayor Zolan, ''In particular, with the aim of creating new areas of social life we have done large urban parks in different parts of Denizli. We have created spaces where people can spend their free time doing sports in a healthy environment. We have made valley arrangements, parks, gardens, playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts for our citizens to enjoy the green environments and live a healthy life. To all these works we added a new one, Servergazi Park. Our Mountains is our greatest richness. This is an area of 200 thousand square meters, but at the moment only an area of 130 thousand square meters was arranged as park. In the coming years we'll expand the applications of this place. We are sure that everyone will love this place, "he said.
Servergazi Park
Ponds, walking paths, jogging paths, new fountains, seating furniture, wooden children' s playgrounds, jogging trails, scenic boardwalk, picnic areas, parking lots, wooden kiosks, restaurants, pergolas, fiery and fireless picnic areas there were made in the park by Denizli Municipality.

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