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Cumhuriyet Park Was Opened

Denizli Municipality continues to implement new parks projects. In the same time, municipality restores parks, which carry the tiredness of years. Cumuriyet Park was regenerated by Denizli Municipality and was opened to the use of citizens.
Cumhuriyet Park, which is located in the heart of the city, began welcome guests after renovation. The common area of the park was enlarged. Benches and banks were placed and green space covered every part of the park. Playgrounds were placed for children. Municipal cafeteria was built here.
Expressing his great pleasure of fulfilling the demands of the citizens, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''There is no shortage in terms of green space in Denizli.
In Denizli today there are 10 square meters of green space per person. This amount left behind many countries from Europe where there are 8 square meters of green space per person. 5-6 months later we will have reached 12 square meters. With our roads, parks, green areas, waste water treatment facility, pedestrian over crossing bridges, bridge junctions, sheltered marketplaces, study centers, basketball and volleyball fields, indoor sports areas, and other hundreds of projects have changed the city's vision. Our goal is to grow up our children in a healthy environment by doing sports and having fun in green spaces. We'll continue to make here places where people to come to relax, to eliminate the daily stress, ''he said.

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