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 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan published a message on the occasion of November 24 Teachers' Day. Stating that with qualified education and teachers the nations can develop, improve and bring their welfare to the highest level, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our biggest goal is that our children to raise well in all respects, to understand our past properly, to assimilate our civilization values and to become confident and responsible individuals. Our teachers are at the top of the list that will lead us to this goal. ''During the pandemic process that deeply affected the whole world, everyone understood once again that education is among the most important needs of our life. We cannot thank enough to our teachers who carried this bright torch. Our teachers, who work day and night to perform their profession even under the most difficult conditions, deserve all kinds of praise and admiration. We all owe gratitude to our teachers, who have a very special place in our hearts. ''Stating that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality works together with all teachers and education employees to rise Turkey above the level of contemporary civilization, Mayor Zolan said, ''On this special day, I wish Allah have mercy to all our teachers, especially our headteacher, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who passed to eternity, and I wish healthy and long life all our teachers. I celebrate the Teachers' Day to all our teachers who are the architects of our future, who laboured for our children with great devotion and sacrifice.''















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