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  Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan published a commemorative message on the 873 anniversary since the Battle of Kazıkbeli, which ended with Turkish victory and had great importance in making Anatolia a Turkish homeland. Emphasizing that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality carried out many important studies and programs with the idea of meeting the past and touching history, Mayor Zolan said, ''We do not forget our past because we owe these sacred lands to our ancestors.  As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have to carry our deep historical and cultural heritage from our past to the future. With the strength we got from the struggle of our ancestors to make Anatolia our homeland, we endeavour to wade into existence forever of Turkey's powerful today because those who do not know their past cannot plan their future. ''Stating that they commemorate all the heroes martyred for their homeland in the Battle of Kazıkbeli in Denizli with respect and gratitude, Mayor Zolan said: ''Denizli has been in a struggle for all kinds of independence so far. The Crusade, the Battle of Kazıkbeli, started on 7-8 January 1148 in the Cankurtaran area of Denizli, on the passage opening to Acıpayam plain and ended with the victory of our beloved nation. Our ancestors also won a victory against the Byzantines in the 1176 Miryokefalon War in our city. Denizli took its place at the forefront of the struggle for independence during the national struggle. We need to tell our children, our youth, our country and the whole world about this unique history full of glory. On this occasion, I commemorate with mercy and gratitude all our heroes who shed their blood and gave their lives for this country.















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