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 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan published a message on the occasion of the Regaip Kandil and said, ''We are experiencing the peace and happiness of reaching the blessed three months where forgiveness, abundance and grace are abundant. Noting that the three holy months offer a valuable opportunity to put an end to problems, trouble, and confusion, Mayor Zolan said, ''The Regaip Kandil is a night of great mercy and value. In this holy night that opened the doors of forgiveness for us, we must end our resentments and reinforce our feelings of love, tolerance and brotherhood. ''Wishing Regaip Kandil, who announces the beginning of the three holy months, to bring peace and tranquillity to all humanity, Mayor Osman Zolan said: ''May these three blessed months lead to the end of all our problems, to spiritual purification, peace, and the end of the epidemic that has affected us all. I wish our Regaip Kandil to bring health, peace and tranquillity to our country, especially to Denizli, and to all humanity. I sincerely congratulate this special night of the entire Islamic world. ''














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