The first Municipality Organization in Denizli was established in 1876. During this era Denizli was district centre and dependent on Aydın. In 1883 with affiliation of Sarayköy, Buldan and Tavas districts Denizli gained the statue of “Sanjak’. Then with the affiliation of Çal in 1884 and Acıpayam in 1886 to Denizli, with foundation of Turkey Republic Denizli gained the province statue. 

 According to 1927 years census, the central province population was 15 704. 
Denizli resembled a village before the foundation of the Republic. It was a city that had not started its development with its narrow streets, muddy and dark paths, generally one-storey houses between gardens in blind alleys and workplaces around ‘Kale İçi’ area. Even houses belonging to the rich weren’t more then 2 stories. On 4th of February 1931 when Atatürk came to Denizli and stayed in Ethnography Museum for one night, stated that Denizli looks like a ‘big village’. With this statement he accentuated the deprivation of Denizli.

  Municipality services in the city were inadequate. The best vehicles in which no road were found where horses and donkey's who carted hutted carriages and coaches. . 

 Denizli showed a secluded economy with its own commercial, cultural and social position. It had to wait until the 1950's to show thrust and to commence development. 

 Especially after the 1950's, besides the development of cultural life with the opening of new schools, operation of factories and the need for laborers,the city center started to grow rapidly. The problems that was brought about with the rapid development no necessary preparations were made,difficulties were encounted to reach services.These services are urban development, infrastructure and similar service. 

 Today Denizli’s development is more planned and has programmed its urbanization by taking advantages of technological progress.

 The major earthquake that has occurred in Denizli in 1976 demolished and damaged a lot of buildings. After this natural disaster, in Denizli  wide roads were constructed, rapid structuring began and Denizli today has been located as the second biggest city in the Aegean’s region after  Izmir.

 Today Denizli with its model progress in areas such as educational institutions, industries, agriculture, tourism and with its modernized growing residential areas is know in the identity that Atatürk wished to see.

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