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Mission, Vision, Principles

Our Mission

Serving with a human understanding, having as principles the justice and equality, protecting historical and environmental values, to create a prosperous and healthy city.

Our Vision

To be a city brand, a pioneer in development, sensitive to people and environment.

Our Principles and Core Values

    • We give importance to equality and justice in service.
    • We meet our citizens with a smile.
    • We support the professional and social development of our employees.
    • We are contemporary, open to scientific and technological developments.
    • Our goal is to be a pioneer in the development, with a participatory, pluralistic governance.
    • We support education, culture, art and sport.
    • We do not compromise when it comes to availability, reliability, transparency and accountability.
    • We base our relationships with our internal and external stakeholders on the principles of good governance.
    • We believe in the importance of using resources effectively and efficiently.
    • We give priority to services for young people, women, elderly and disabled citizens.
    • We aim to protect our history and values and to transmit them to our future generations for creating the urban awareness.
    • We work to turn our city and our environment into a modern city to live in health and prosperity.
    • We take preventive measures to intervene efficient, fast and right in case of emergencies and disasters.
    • With our quality and citizen-focused service we are always with you.

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