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Energy Cities Association convened under the chairmanship of Mayor Zolan 02.06.2023
The Energy Cities Union, chaired by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, held its May 2023 Ordinary Assembly Meeting in Balıkesir. Stating that energy is the source of life, Mayor Zolan noted that 55 per cent of energy production in Türkiye is obtained from renewable energy sources.
Metropolitan continues its work in the flood zone 02.06.2023
All the teams of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continue their feverish work to heal the wounds of the disaster, which DSI describes as a flood that occurs once in 100 years. Wishing the citizens affected by the disaster to get well soon, Mayor Zolan stated that the wounds would be healed together and all their needs would be met.
Young people took their first steps into the digital world 01.06.2023
Vocational training, initiated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality under the project "Qualified Youth, Strong Denizli" and carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, aims to reduce youth unemployment, increase their professional competencies and support their career development, continues at full speed.
Mayor Zolan visited the help angels of the Metropolitan 24.05.2023
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited the Metropolitan Municipality Home Care and Health Center, which helps tens of thousands of citizens who are disabled, elderly and in need of care and health care. Stating that they continue to be the solution for the helpless, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''People are smiling with the Home Care and Health Center. ''
Youth Week is celebrated 15.05.2023
Youth and Sports Denizli Provincial Director Ömer İlman and the young athletes with him visited Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan as part of the 15-20 May Youth Week.
A smart junction from the Metropolitan to Bağbaşı 28.04.2023
Continuing to make traffic more fluid and safe with smart junction arrangements, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has also implemented an application in Bağbaşı Neighbourhood. The Metropolitan Municipality makes a new smart junction arrangement at the intersection of Yunus Emre, Kılıçaslan and Tekelipınar main roads with 1021 street.
Presidential Symphony Orchestra in Denizli 27.04.2023
The Presidential Symphony Orchestra hosted by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will take the stage in Denizli. All Denizli citizens are invited to the free concert to be held at the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center on Friday, April 28, at 20.30.
More comfortable roads with Metropolitan 27.04.2023
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality does the renewing work on İbrahim Cengiz Street, one of the most important roads in the city. Mayor Osman Zolan said they continue the road renewing work in Denizli to make the citizens’ life more comfortable and ensure more safety traffic in the city.

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