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Applause to Metropolitan 03.05.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center teams saved the four baby squirrels about to die when they were brought to the centre. The veterinarians of the Metropolitan Municipality, who filled the syringes with milk and fed the babies that were only 1-1.5 months old, received great applause.
Metropolitan did not forget dear animal friends 01.05.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues all its services in the curfews applied within the scope of coronavirus measures, did not forget the street animals.
Mayor Osman Zolan's message on May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day 30.04.2021
Publishing a message on May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''The highest value for us is labour and perseverance. We are the representatives of a civilization that always cares about human beings, who respect labour and regards their sweat as sacred. ''
Ten municipal bus lines will work for ALES 30.04.2021
Ten bus lines of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality serving on the main arteries will operate for ALES on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Buses will be free of charge for exam participants and examiners.
Good news from the Metropolitan to its tenants 29.04.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its support against coronavirus in the period of complete closure to be applied in 81 provinces, will not take the rent from the municipal workplaces for May 2021.
Metropolitan services will continue uninterrupted during the full closure 29.04.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will take all measures to ensure that public services are not interrupted and that the citizens are not victims during the complete closure. In this scope, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will continue its services uninterruptedly. Metropolitan, which has formed watch teams to meet the demands of citizens will continue to stand by the citizens.
Another first from Metropolitan 28.04.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality signed a collaboration protocol with Denizli Commodity Exchange to build the Denizli Central Licensed Warehousing Facility, vital for our producers. Emphasizing that they will realize another first in Denizli, Mayor Zolan said, ''We will continue to support our productive people. ''
Windmills support from Metropolitan to producers 26.04.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality built six windmills in Acıpayam and Çivril districts, which are rich in livestock processing facilities. The windmills used in the supply of drinking water for animals provide great convenience to producers.

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