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Free YKS course from Metropolitan 12.07.2024
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide free YKS courses for young people dreaming of attending university at the Atalar Social Activity Center. As part of the project, registrations for the free university preparation courses for the 2024-2025 academic year have begun.
Denizli will be satisfied with theatre 24.06.2024
Applications have begun for amateur theatre groups wishing to perform at the 36th International Theatre Festival organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality this year.
The Metropolitan Municipality implements strict inspections on city minibus routes 14.06.2024
Teams from the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Municipal Police inspected the minibus routes operating within the city. In addition to routine checks, they also monitored the use of air conditioning in the minibuses due to rising temperatures.
A magnificent night from the Metropolitan Municipality 14.06.2024
The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory Caucasian Folk Dance Ensemble captivated the audience with a magnificent performance featuring 60 folk dancers, depicting the migration of the Caucasians to Anatolia.
Metropolitan buses are free for those who will sustain the YKS exam 07.06.2024
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality buses will be free for students taking the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) and exam officials over the weekend.
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade Department intervened in the fire at two different locations 07.06.2024
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department teams intervened in the forest fires that broke out at two different locations in the Pamukkale district. Mayor Çavuşoğlu, who stayed with the fire teams that bravely fought the fire until midnight, closely monitored the disaster as it approached residential areas.
The Metropolitan Judo Team returned with an award from Slovenia 15.05.2024
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Belediyespor Judo Team ranked 3rd in the International Apolon Open Cup Tournament held in Slovenia, where 1454 athletes from 30 countries participated.
Message from Mayor Çavuşoğlu for May 1 30.04.2024
Celebrating May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day, Mayor Çavuşoğlu said, "With the longing for a future where peace, brotherhood, justice and solidarity prevail, we will build a better future for our city together with our workers and labouring brothers."

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