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The Metropolitan's People's Day tradition continues 06.09.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues the people's day meetings in Denizli on the first Wednesday of every month. Mayor Osman Zolan will listen to the citizens' requests, wishes, suggestions and problems on Wednesday, September 7, at 09:00.
Magnificent August 30 concert from the Metropolitan 31.08.2022
Denizli citizens, who participated in the August 30 Victory Day Concert organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, experienced the enthusiasm of the 100th anniversary of the great victory together. Tens of thousands of people from Denizli filled the square and accompanied Fatma Turgut's songs.
Mayor Zolan met with the youth 15.08.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan met with the youth at the Cankurtaran Summer Camp organized by the Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly. Having a pleasant conversation with the young people, Mayor Zolan's skill in shooting arrows received great applause from the youth.
The Aegean's most modern medical waste facility 03.08.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality renders 7,000 kilograms of medical waste carrying diseases and viruses harmless per day in the most modern medical waste sterilization facility on the Aegean. Mayor Osman Zolan stated that medical wastes collected from 700 health institutions in the city are disposed of in the most modern medical waste facility on the Aegean, apart from domestic waste.
Denizli is among the healthiest cities in Europe 27.06.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's 7th Phase membership application of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network has been accepted. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has the title of "The cleanest", "The most environmentally friendly", and "The healthiest" city in Turkey and the 2nd in the world with its "Water Management and Climate Change" projects, has succeeded in being among the healthiest cities in Europe. The Metropolitan Municipality became the 4th metropolitan city in Turkey, accepted into the 7th phase.
Spectacular works from Young Denizli 10.06.2022
The 474 handicraft works of the youth participating in the clubs of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Young Denizli were presented to the public in a Mixed Exhibition. Pointing out that young people do amazing things when given the opportunity, Mayor Zolan said, "We aim to raise self-confident young people who are better equipped and prepare them for the future intertwined with art and culture. ''
Mayor Zolan visited Karaçay Neighborhood 09.06.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited the Karaçay Neighbourhood of Honaz district, where floods were experienced due to excessive rainfall, and conveyed his wishes to the citizens. Mayor Zolan, who examined the works of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, said they would solve the problems as soon as possible.
40,000 basils from the Metropolitan 09.06.2022
As part of the Turkey Environment Week events, the Metropolitan Municipality distributed 40 thousand basils to Denizli citizens. Mayor Zolan did sport and distributed basil to the citizens on the Yenişehir Walking Path.

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