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Kefe Plateau welcomes its guests with its magnificent nature 13.07.2021
Kefe Plateau, modernized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, welcomes its guests with its magnificent nature. The plateau, located at an altitude of 1350m, is the address of those who want to take a breath of cool and clean air. The facility provides tent areas and daily facilities, especially for those who want to camp here.
Dalaman Stream is cleaner with the investments of Metropolitan DESKİ 07.07.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ, which met another foremost need of the district with Acıpayam Waste Water Treatment Plant, has also solved the problem of wastewater flowing out in the Aşağı Neighborhood. Metropolitan DESKİ, which invested 2,620 m of collector lines for wastewater, made the Dalaman Stream cleaner.
Certificates from Mayor Osman Zolan in the Youth Assembly 06.07.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan presented the certificates of the young people who participated in the online Photography, Sign Language course and the face to face Diction, Presenter and Announcer courses of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Assembly.
Metropolitan Theater opens the curtains 05.07.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theater will perform ''Kahvede Şenlik Var'' on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, and ''Kamyon'' on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at the Amphitheater in Kınıklı Neighbourhood. The plays will stage according to the coronavirus measures and social distance rules.
Special mobile application for the air transportation from Metropolitan 22.06.2021
Carrying out passenger transportation between the city centre and Çardak Airport, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has developed a smart application for the personalized ''VIP Air Transportation'' that works alongside the normal shuttle service. Denizli residents who want to benefit from VIP Air Transportation will be able to make reservation and payment transactions easily with the ''Denizli havaulaşım'' application.
Applications for ''Metropolitan's support for 10,000 tradesmen'' began 28.05.2021
Applications for ''Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's support for 10,000 tradesmen'' who stopped their activities within the scope of coronavirus began. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide 15 million TL support consisting of 1.500 TL to each tradesman. Applications can be made at
Visit of Consul General of Kosovo to the Metropolitan Municipality 27.05.2021
Suzan Novobërdaliu, Consul General of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul, visited Ali Değirmenci, Deputy Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.
Applause to Metropolitan 03.05.2021
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Street Animals Shelter and Rehabilitation Center teams saved the four baby squirrels about to die when they were brought to the centre. The veterinarians of the Metropolitan Municipality, who filled the syringes with milk and fed the babies that were only 1-1.5 months old, received great applause.

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