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Visit of Deputy Minister Demirci to Mayor Zolan 23.05.2022
Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan visited Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan. Stating that they increased the excavation period in Laodicea to 12 months with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Zolan said, ''We raised the beauties of Laodicea. ''
''Proud of our children'' 10.05.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor Swimming Team made Denizli proud again by winning ten gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the 11-12 Age National Development Project League Group Competitions held in Isparta.
Mayor Zolan: "Ramadan passed very good in Denizli" 29.04.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality hosted 7 thousand of people in the iftar program established in Karahasanlı Neighbourhood. Stating that they are happy to meet at the same table with thousands of citizens, Mayor Zolan wished that this unity and solidarity be permanent and the month of Ramadan passed very good in all aspects in Denizli.
Metropolitan continues to add value to Denizli 28.04.2022
Stunning with its investments in transportation, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality renewed Hüdai Oral Street, one of the important streets of the city, and made it more comfortable and safe. Thanking all his fellow citizens for their trust and support, Mayor Zolan said, ''We will continue to make beauties together. ''
The Metropolitan prepares the cemeteries for the feast 28.04.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality carries out maintenance and cleaning works in all cemeteries in the city centre and districts, intensively visited by the citizens before the Ramadan Feast.
Metropolitan buses are free during the holiday 28.04.2022
Municipal buses of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which take all measures to ensure that Denizli residents can spend their holiday in comfort and peace, will provide free service during Ramadan Feast.
Visit of Minister of Trade Muş to Mayor Zolan 27.04.2022
Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş visited the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan. Explaining that they brought valuable services to Denizli, from infrastructure to superstructure, from green areas to giant facilities, Mayor Osman Zolan took a souvenir photo with Minister Muş and his entourage in front of the glass rooster statue in 15 Temmuz Delikliçınar Square.
Mayor Zolan: ''We are very proud of our Denizli'' 27.04.2022
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality carried the tradition of the iftar dinner to Merkezefendi District. Noting that they will host the Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş at the Kadir Night, Mayor Zolan said, ''Denizli, which exports to more than 170 countries, is a city that produces more than it consumes, has a current surplus in foreign trade. We are very proud of our Denizli. ''

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