Sport and Sport Facilities

Denizli Ski Resort, which is one of the most preferred places for winter sports, breaks the record with the number of visitors. Visiting the ski resort which hosted nearly 50,000 people in the new season so far, Mayor Osman Zolan and his wife, Berrin Zolan enjoyed the snow together with citizens.
Free ski courses from Metropolitan 02.01.2020
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which mobilizes all opportunities for everyone to do sports in Denizli, starts free ski courses at Denizli Ski Resort which has become the attraction centre of winter tourism.
Ski season opened in Denizli 27.12.2019
Denizli Ski Resort is waiting for guests. The ski season opened in Denizli Ski Resort opened by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to increase the tourism diversity in the city. Denizli Ski Resort is waiting for the guests to enjoy snow and ski.
Metropolitan makes huge investments in sports in districts 09.05.2016
Investing millions of lira so far to make Denizli the capital of amateur sports, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will make 24 synthetic turf fields, five tennis courts, and six basketball and volleyball courts in districts. These investments will be realized under the 121 Giant Project of the Action Plan 2016-2017.
Metropolitan staff participated in a table tennis tournament 29.03.2016
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality organized a table tennis tournament to strengthen the employee communication inside the institution and also to encourage the staff to do sports.
Table Tennis Tournament of DESKİ 11.11.2015
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate organized a Table Tennis Tournament.
A new season of Pilates began 13.10.2015
The new season of Pilates courses, which received a great interest of thousands of women who want to make the sport a lifestyle in Denizli, has begun. Applications can be done at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Sports Center and Yenişehir Sports Center.
Denizli continues meeting with the sport 17.09.2015
85 thousand people benefited from the free sports courses organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan 'Everyone will do sport in Denizli', until today. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''We will continue to increase our efforts to make Denizli a leader city in sports and to grow healthy generations and athletes.
Great support to amateur sports clubs from the Metropolitan 15.09.2015
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continue to support the amateur sports clubs which have a key role in the formation of a healthy young generation and to increase the capabilities of the future of sports. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality supported the 73 amateur sports clubs affiliated to Amateur Sports Clubs Federation operating in the city with 245,000 TL.
Young sultans of the net 13.08.2015
450 people receive training in the free volleyball course opened within the scope of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Summer Sports Schools. The young girls who attended the volleyball course, a sport branch attended mainly by women, strive to be the young sultans of the net.
Metropolitan continues the investments in sport 06.08.2015
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality which aims to make Denizli a brand city in sports continues to make sport facilities for children and young people to do sport in a cleaner and more healthy environment. After previously realized 12 synthetic turf fields in Sarayköy, Tavas, Bozkurt, Honaz, Kale, Buldan and Acıpayam districts, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the work on the synthetic turf fields in Babadağ, Çameli and Kocabaş.
Efe in the Balkans 09.07.2015
This year on June 3 to 7, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble has participated in the Festival of Gazi Baba in Üsküp and Ohrid cities of Macedonia. The Folk Dance Ensemble has attracted great interest of viewers with our traditional Zeybek and Teke dances.
Metropolitan equips the districts with sports equipment 01.07.2015
Realizing many investments in sport in Denizli for people from 7 to 70 to do sport, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality also started to build sports equipment in 17 districts of the city. In the first stage project will be implemented in Çivril and Tavas district following that a total of 77 sports equipment units to be established in 17 districts of Denizli.
Champions of the future competed 28.04.2015
Children attending the free swimming courses organized by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality participated in the competition held at the Kayıhan Swimming Pool. Stating that they have provided free sport training in 27 branches, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''We invest in children like in our own children, we prepare them for the future, ''he said.
Modern sports facility in Şirinköy 26.03.2015
Working with the understanding of making Denizli a brand city in sports and making wide investments in sports facilities until today, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has transformed the synthetic turf field of Şirinköy into a modern, fully equipped sports facility.
Metropolitan gains the districts with sports facilities 29.01.2015
Launching many projects for everyone from 7 to 70 to practice sports in the center of Denizli, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues the investments in sport in districts. After realizing 12 synthetic turf fields in Sarayköy, Tavas, Bozkurt, Honaz, Kale, Buldan and Acıpayam, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the planning of sport facilities that will be done in other districts
Mayor Zolan gives the good news of a new swimming pool 24.12.2014
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan gave the good news of a new swimming pool opening in Yenişehir region, similar with the swimming pool opened in Kayıhan neighborhood.
Tracksuits from the Metropolitan 19.12.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has distributed free tracksuits to approximately 4 thousand women participating in free pilates courses organized within the scope of I Love my Family Project. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will strive for our children and our young people to practice as much sport, ''he said.
In 8 months Kayıhan provided training to 12,500 people 11.11.2014
Kayıhan Swimming Pool, opened last March by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, provided swimming training to 12,500 people in 8 months. Opened free of charges for citizens, Kayıhan Swimming Pool provided free swimming training to 2,500 people in every training period.
Traditional Sports Games Complex took full note 20.10.2014
Hosting the semi-final competitions of 2014 Turkey Mounted Javelin Championship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Traditional Sports Games Complex and Athletic Field took full note. After three days of competitions both participants and spectators left the championship satisfied.
Metropolitan keeps alive our culture 20.10.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teach people of all ages folk dances of various regions of Anatolia. Increasing with each passing year, the applications for the Folk Dance Courses continue in Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Sports Course Registration Center.
Giant complex will host the semi-finals 16.10.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Traditional Sports Games Complex and Athletic Field, a great investment in sport of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will host the semi-final competitions of 2014 Turkey Mounted Javelin Championship.
Metropolitan makes a synthetic turf field in Acıpayam 10.10.2014
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan keep his promise gave to children and young people and makes a synthetic turf field in Acıpayam district. Implementing many projects in order to give everyone the opportunity to do sports, Metropolitan Municipality made a synthetic turf field in Gümüş neighborhood of Acıpayam district.
Metropolitan's huge support to amateur sport clubs 30.09.2014
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continue to support amateur sports clubs who have a key role in the formation of a healthy young generation. In this context, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan donated materials to 76 amateur sports clubs in Denizli.
Denizli has experienced sports this summer 23.09.2014
For the children and young people to spend more efficient their free time in the summer months, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has organized withing the Summer Sport School, free courses in 25 different branches of sports. A total of 10 thousand citizens attended the free courses from which 5, 800 attended the swimming courses.
Metropolitan met thousands of children with sport 15.08.2014
The free Summer Sport Schools organized every year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality have met thousands of children with sports this year, too. 7 thousand 500 children attended the sport schools opened in various branches such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, skating, taekwondo, boxing, capoeira, modern dance, ballet, wrestling, folk dance, gymnastics, judo and table tennis.
Kayıhan Swimming Pool in service for disabled 13.08.2014
Kayıhan Swimming Pool, the second swimming pool built in Denizli by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality started to provide services for disabled. Disabled enjoy swimming here twice a week.
Thousands of Athletes Did Sport 17.06.2014
Hundreds of athletes participating in the presentation of Free Sports Schools Branches organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Adalet Park have got full scores from the audience. Visiting the athletes, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Our goal is to provide the opportunity to do sport with an amateur spirit rather than professionalism, "he said.
We've taken a further step towards becoming the Capital of Amateur Sports 30.05.2014
Denizli has hosted the competition 2014 TAFISA World Challenge Day (Countries' Cities Compete With Sport). Expressing his happiness to represent Turkey in the competition, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''We've taken a further step towards becoming the Capital of Amateur Sports.
Denizli Will Represent Turkey 29.05.2014
Denizli will represent Turkey in the competition TAFISA World Challenge Day 2014 (Countries' Cities Compete With Sport) held this year for the first time in Turkey.
Kayıhan Swimming Pool Was Opened 16.03.2014
Kayıhan Swimming Poll, the second swimming pool provided to the city by Denizli Municipality.
One More Giant Investment in Sport from Denizli Municipality 12.03.2014
After providing to Denizli's people many sports facilities in the last years for people to do sport in a clean, healthy and modern environment, Denizli Municipality is opening a new indoor sport hall. The opening ceremony of Mehmet Akif Ersoy Indoor Sports Hall located in Mehmet Akif Ersoy neighborhood the area between the Hacı Ahmet Paralı Elementary School and Mehmet Akif Ersoy High School was attended by many people.
Like No Other 16.02.2014
By rearranging the down floor of Yenişehir Sheltered Marketplace, Denizli Municipality has done here dance halls, a sports complex and a study center. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci attended the opening ceremony. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''There is no other facility such as this one. This place was planned especially for children, young people and women to contribute to their personal development. The down floor of Yenişehir Sheltered Marketplace has become completely educational.
In Denizli Women are Doing Pilates and Live Healthy 16.01.2014
Denizli Municipality's support for sport continues in full speed. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan offered tracksuits to women participating in the free pilates courses. Stating that 6000 women has attended the free pilates courses, Mayor Zolan said: ''We are very happy that women from Denizli do sport and want to have a healthy lifestyle and I thank them for showing a great interest in our courses. ''
Synthetic Ice Rink Will Host the First Trainees 14.11.2013
Denizli, a city without any sport facilities in the past, became an example in Turkey with the facilities inaugurated by Denizli Municipality in the last 10 years. With the motto 'sport for everyone' Denizli Municipality has gained Denizli with a new 'first', Synthetic Ice Rink which was inaugurated two months ago by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Synthetic Ice Rink is launching free courses anymore.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan visited Synthetic Ice Rink shortly before the opening to public.
Hemsball Has Been Introduced 11.10.2013
Denizli Municipality City Council Youth Assembly and Turkey Sport for All Federation in collaboration with City Representative took place a Hemsball presentation in front of Denizli Municipality. Following the presentation many citizens were introduced in Hemsball.
Synthetic Ice Rink for Denizli 23.09.2013
One of the 'firsts' of Denizli, Synthetic Ice Rink will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Stating that Denizli has met many 'firsts' in this 9 years of duty, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Before times in this city there were no bridge crossings, pedestrian crossings, sheltered marketplaces, valley projects, large parks or study centers. We are happy to add Synthetic Ice Rink at one of many 'firsts' in the area and we are proud that its opening will be made by Prime Minister, ''he said.
One Voice One Heart For Succes 30.08.2013
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan together with Police Chief Zeki Bulut visited football players of Denizlispor. Mayor Zolan and Police Chief Zeki Bulut gave moral support to technical team and the players before the match played on Sunday with Balıkesirspor.
Denizli Metropolitan Beledieyespor Opened The Seazon 2013 - 2014 25.08.2013
From athletics to swimming, from archery to football, from gymnastics to basketball up to 23 different branches Denizli Metropolitan Belediyespor opened 2013-2014 sports season with a grand ceremony. Mayor Zolan said that one of their goals is to make Denizli the capital of amateur sports.
Sports Center From Denizli Municipality 06.08.2013
The Indoor Sports Center built by Denizli Municipality on an area of 1200m2 was inaugurated.
Good News About Football Field And Park In Ilbade District 29.07.2013
The iftar meals held by Denizli Municipality continue to be the address of peace, tolerance and charity. Participating in the iftar programme held in Ilbade Neighborhood, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave the good news that in the neighborhood will be done a football field and a park.
Denizli Hosted Balkan Championship 08.07.2013
Organized by Denizli Municipality and made for the first time international the championship that took place on the Athletic Field of Traditional Sport Games Complex received a full score from the athletes. At Denizli Municipality Sport Toto in the Sports Complex on the Olympic Athletics Course the Balkan Youth Athletics Championships which lasted two days have struggled 350 athletes from 8 countries.
Mayor's Cup Winners 27.06.2013
Pamukkale Tennis Club where held the 14th Denizli Municipality Mayor Cup was the scene of enjoyable and challenging matches. At the organized night were given awards to athletes.
Full Of Praise Words From The Athletes 14.06.2013
Osman Zolan, Mayor of Denizli Municipality gave medals to the winners of the Turkey Masters Championship held on Athletics Field at Denizli Municipality Traditional Sporting Games Complex. Denizli Municipality , host of the official organization for the first time, was appreciated with words of praise by the athletes who said the facilities were upper than European standards.
Hakan Şükür visited Denizli Belediyespor 19.02.2013
Hakan Şükür MP for Istanbul participated in the event, organized by amateur branches of Denizli Belediyespor within 'The Hope Starts with the Center' Project, implemented within UEFA HatTrick Programme.
Denizlispor U-14 raised their championship cup 08.02.2013
Mayor Osman Zolan has shared the joy with Denizlispor U-14 team, who represented Denizli in Coca-Cola Academy League and became the champion in West A Group. Football team will participate in Turkey Championship in Antalya, organized between 10-14 February.
Mayor Zolan: 'We have to raise a healthy generation to be in safe hands' 28.01.2013
Denizli Municipality raises athletes, which will represent Denizli and our country in national and international competitions.
Everyone will learn to swim 21.01.2013
Mayor Osman Zolan: 'Denizli Municipality begins to build swimming pools for everyone, particularly for women and children.'
Free Pilates Course Continues 20.01.2013
Women show great interest to free Pilates courses, organized within "I Love My Family" project.
Participants of Pilates course want the same course for their spouses 16.01.2013
Women show great interest to Pilates course, organized within "I Love My Family" project. Trainees of courses asked mayor Zolan to organize Pilates course for their spouses.
Great interest to Pilates course 14.01.2013
Denizli Municipality organized free Pilates courses for women. Women show great interes to this course, organized within "I Love My Family" project.
Women doing Pilates and living a healthier life 30.11.2012
Mayor Osman Zolan attended free courses Pilates and has presented tracksuits to 3000 women.
Children learning to ride horses 15.11.2012
Free riding lessons continues for children aged between 6 and 12 years old. Within 2 monthes, 600 children learned ride a horse.
Municipal Support to Amateur Sports Clubs 28.09.2012
Denizli Municipality supplies free of charge to amateur clubs equipment, sport wear and field requirements.
Free Sports Courses from Denizli Municipality 23.09.2012
Denizli Municipality is opening free sports schools for children in 18 different branches.
Syntetic ice rinks for Denizli 03.09.2012
Denizli Municipality is preparing to put into service for citizens Synthetic Ice Rink, which will be among the firsts. Construction of the Ice Rink and Game Complex will begin after bidding and will completed during the 75 days.
Laying the foundation Denizli Municipality's Sports Center 18.08.2012
Mayor Osman Zolan: 'I believe that in a very short time Denizli will be the amateur sports center.'
Courses to become the prospective athletes 16.08.2012
Denizli Municipality has opened courses in basketball, volleyball, tennis and athletics for children and young people aged between 6 and 15 years.
Riding lessons for children 14.08.2012
Denizli Municipality has added new free courses for children. Free riding lessons are opened by Denizli Municipality for children aged between 6 and 12 years old.
Tracksuits and sportswear for children from Denizli Municipality 13.08.2012
Denizli Municipality has distributed tracksuits and sportswear to 1000 students of Summer Sports School.
Our Football Team is a Champion 10.07.2012
Football team of drivers of Transportation Department of Denizli Municipality has won the cup among 95 teams.
Mayor has awarded football players with gold 29.06.2012
Denizlispor football players under 13- years old visited Mayor Osman Zolan in his office. Mayor congratulated team for success and has awarded players with gold.
Summer Sports Schools for prospective athletes 20.06.2012
Summer Sports School, opened by Denizli Municipality in order to contribute to mental and physical development and socialization of children enjoys great popularity.
Streetball Tournament was breathtaking 18.06.2012
Streetball Tournament ended with the final matches, which were watched by Mayor Osman Zolan and many citizens with great attention.
Streetball Tournament begins 15.06.2012
Denizli Municipality within Young Denizli Project has organized Streetball Tournament.
Free Summer Sports School begins 13.06.2012
Denizli Municipality is opening free summer schools for children aged between 6 and 15 years.
Streetball Tournament, organized by 'Young Denizli' 13.06.2012
Denizli Municipality within 'Young Denizli' Project is organizing StreetBall Tournament.
Magnificent Opening Ceremony by Prime Minister Erdogan 08.06.2012
Prime Minister Erdoğan has opened to use for Denizli 51 facilities. The total value of these investments is 438.000.000 TL.
The first and the only Complex in Turkey 14.05.2012
Nihat Zeybekci Denizli's Member of Parliament and Mayor Osman Zolan have examined on site the construction of the Traditional Turkish Sports Complex and received information about ongoing works.
Spring Sports Festival in Denizli 03.05.2012
Spring Sports Festival, organized by Denizli Municipality in collaboration with 'Turkey for Everybody' Sports Federation and Disabled Assembly of Denizli Municipality will begin on 4 May 2012 / Friday and will continue for 3 days.
Mayor Zolan: 'We provide all opportunities for sports' 14.03.2012
Mayor Osman Zolan visited ladies during the free pilates course period, organized by Denizli Municipality. Our aim is to provide sport activity for everyone.
Great Service for Sports from Denizli Municipality 07.12.2011
Denizli Municipality is preparing to put into service for citizens Traditional Turkish Sports Complex of international standards.
Free tennis course from Denizli Municipality 04.12.2011
Free sports activities, organized by Denizli Municipality are continuing in full swing.
Free Basketball Course from Denizli Municipality 02.11.2011
Denizli Municipality is organizing free basketball course for children and young people. Everyone, who will participate in the course, will receive the track suit.
Doğan Demircioğlu Synthetic Turf Field 15.09.2010
Denizli Municipality has restored Doğan Demircioğlu Football Field, which wasn’t used for a long time. Reconstruction of the field was completed in 75 days.
Dokuzkavaklar Synthetic Turf Field 09.03.2009
Dokuzkavaklar Synthetic Turf Field was completed in a short time by Denizli Municipality.
Akkonak Synthetic Turf Field and Facilities 26.11.2008
Denizli Municipality completed the construction of Synthetic Turf Field in Akkonak district.
Municipal Support to Sports Clubs 08.09.2008
Denizli Municipality supplies free of charge to amateur clubs equipment, sport wear and field requirements.
Hasan Güngör Sports Center 14.01.2008
Hasan Güngör Sports Center with a capacity of 2500-seats was built by Denizli Municipality. The total cost of construction was about 2 million 349 thousand TL.
The Construction of Grandstand Synthetic Turf Field is Completed 26.06.2007
Grandstand was built by Denizli Municipality near the Pamukkale University Kınıklı Campus.
4 Indoor facilities 12.02.2007
Denizli has only one indoor facility since republic history. But this number is going to be four. One of indoor facilities Dokuzkavaklar indoor facility will be completed.Then, others’s construction will be started in 2 years.
Jogging area for Yenişehir 12.02.2007
Jogging area which has 2,5 km lenght in Yenişehir was presented for all Denizli people. Moreover, we built children’s play areas and bike paths for funny time of all Denizli people.
One field for each district 12.02.2007
Up till now, we built 62 basketball and volleyball courts for 55 districts.
Synthetic Turf Field for Pamukkale University 12.02.2007
Synthetic turf field 70*105 meters standart size near the Pamukkale Universty Kınıklı Campus was build. It costs 996,000 YTL. It has 4371 m2 total areas with athletizm field 10 widths. We built lighting for this area. We presented this field for undergraduate and all Denizli people.

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